over time, Wes Anderson He developed a visual aesthetic that would be instantly recognizable by movie fans the world over. With a penchant for emphasizing aesthetics over realism, Anderson’s films paint a dreamy picture with rich visuals, symmetry throughout, and deliberate use of color palettes.

Visual sensibilities aside, Wes Anderson is much more than just a pretty pastel director, as his films are full of substance and depth. Combining beautiful imagery with sensitive themes such as family disharmony, tragedy, and self-discovery, Anderson tells a realistic story wrapped in a fantasy framework. While it is nearly impossible to recreate Wes Anderson’s style and skill, the following films are reminiscent of his work because they use stylistic elements that Anderson’s films have created over time.

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10 Amarcord (1973)

Warner Bros.

Directed by one of the filmmaking greats in Federico Fellini, Wes Anderson’s love of the Italian master is evident throughout all of his cinematography. in AmarkordAnd Fellini has a cast of quirky, brightly costumed characters roaming around town, capturing the surreal essence of adolescence. While Fellini was a master of surrealism, Anderson’s films tend to relate to reality, aiming to present real feelings in unreal settings.

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9 Harold and Maude (1971)

Harold and Maude
Paramount Pictures

comedy and tragedy in equal measure, Harold and Maude The film follows a young man (Bud Court) who is obsessed with death until he meets an older woman (Ruth Gordon) who wants to live life to the fullest. Ignoring social norms and taboos around the age gap in romantic relationships, Harold and MaudeIts humor and dark tone were a major influence on Anderson’s narrative sensibilities.

8 Born (2010)

Taika Waititi boy
Winoa Films

Before becoming a household name with Jojo Rabbit Taika Waititi has made a criminally underrated movie about a Michael Jackson-obsessed fanatic named Boy (James Rolleston). Set in New Zealand during the 1980s. child It explores the grief of family dynamics and the path to self-discovery. Waititi’s film does not align with Anderson’s films on visual aesthetics, but it shares many thematic and narrative sensibilities with the latter’s work.

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7 Paddington (2014)

Paddington (1)
Heyday movies

Adapted from a children’s book by Michael Bond, Paul Kings Paddington Very close to Anderson’s films, and shares many similarities with Isle of Dogs And Wonderful Mr. Fox, especially. These similarities aren’t just on the level of animation, as both films closely parallel each other in terms of family dynamics and light humor.

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6 Somewhere (2010)

Elle Fanning and Stephen Dorff are driving somewhere
Pathé distributions

Directed by Sofia Coppola, somewhere It ranks high among Anderson-style films that fans may not have heard of. Walking along the narrative packages of a complex parent-child relationship and the irreparable outcome of actions, Coppola’s film is similar to Anderson’s work, as it is exquisitely designed, while also dealing with themes of substance and sensitivity.

5 Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The Hoover family travels to California
Fox Searchlight Pictures

On the surface level, Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton Little Miss Sunshine It could turn into a Wes Anderson movie, with a similar visual spectacle, ensemble family, and epic road trip full of dry humor and splashes of color. where Little Miss Sunshine It differs from Wes Anderson’s work in that it uses the framework of family dynamics to highlight the darker side of competitive spirit and the cost that comes with it.

4 Submarine (2011)

optimal release

rich sense of humor, Submarine It offers a glimpse into a rocky marriage from a child’s point of view. Regarding characterization, submarine Oliver tate is quite similar to Rushmore Max, he gives off a rebellious personality on the outside, while being melancholic and majestic on the inside. With an OST from Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner, submarine The rich, reminiscent tone has a sophisticated and restrained aural sense, thanks to Turner’s virtuoso musical prowess.

3 Twentieth Century Women (2016)

Annette Bening in 20th Century Women
A 24

Loosely based on his childhood, director Mike Mill’s film tells a poignant story of anxious and troubled teenage parents. is about a shy teenager growing up with an outgoing mother and two other mother characters, Twentieth Century Women It sheds light on the struggles of growing up and motherhood. Performances aside, Mike Mill’s film was highly praised for its production design and engaging editing, making it quite comparable to the slick Anderson family miniseries.

2 Captain Fantastic (2016)

Captain Fantastic
Blaker Street

Captain Fantastic It has a very offbeat premise, reminiscent of Anderson Sunrise KingdomAnd It follows a man and his six children as they transition from living in the jungle to living in a modern-day civilization. along with the plot, Captain Fantastic The visual treatment and costume design are strikingly similar to Anderson’s sensibilities, making it a must-see for all fans of Wes Anderson cinema.

1 Amelie (2001)

Audrey Tautou in Amelie
Distributed by UGC Fox

EmilyAnd It is one of the films that comes closest to embodying Anderson’s cinematic sensibilities through and through. From colorful images to a sense of alienation from the modern world, Emily It is a coming-of-age story told against the backdrop of the rose-coloured city of Montmartre.

Delicious pastries for a movie, great colors, amazing performances, and characters that will make you feel right at home in the world of Wes Anderson, Emily is one of the movies Anderson couldn’t have made better of himself.


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