Family man is an adult animated series that has been on the air for over 20 years. after the griffins, Family man It explores the life of a “normal” family with some wild ideas. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the show is one of the most successful adult animated series to have managed to stay on the air, even making a comeback by popular demand after the network canceled it.

Considering that Family manIt’s been on the air for decades, and the series has seen a variety of characters come and go. Both loved and hated, many of MacFarlane’s characters create a lot of mixed emotions in viewers, especially with some of the aggressive behaviors that they do. However, some of the characters are hated on and off the show. Here are 10 Family man The most abused characters.

10 Seamus

Disney-ABC Domestic Television

If you are a fan Family man Then you know who Seamus is. Wearing four wooden limbs and an eye-spot, Seamus is a sailor figure suspended in Drunken Clam and can be seen throughout the series. In recent years, the show has brought out the abuse and discrimination that Seamus feels because he tries too hard and is basically just a human torso, which for most people is annoying. Seamus is so awful that Meg doesn’t want to spend time with him.

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9 Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin

Every joke’s butt is the biggest of the Griffin kids, Meg. Ironically, as Mila Kunis famously put it, Meg was the scapegoat of the entire show from the very beginning. Between school and home, her problems are treated as a joke, even with her close family’s lack of interest in her. As sad as this may sound, Meg is actually the most hated character, so making her the most badass character on the show only makes sense to give viewers what they want.

8 Joe Swanson

Guy Joe's family

Joe is first introduced as Peter and Lois’ new neighbor whom everyone has come to love. While he was originally a character who was kept on a pedestal throughout the show, his suicidal tendencies and marital status made him a joke to others. Family man Characters. Joe arguably receives the worst treatment from his wife, Bonnie, who constantly bullies him and reminds him of how unable he is to please her in any way.

7 Neil Goldman

Guy Neill's family

Neil Goldman is Mort’s son, a nerd who is in love with Meg, stalking her despite her constant disapproval. He is a nerdy high school student whose face is covered in acne and his retainer gives him a speech impediment. Not only is Neil bullied at school, he receives the same bad treatment from almost everyone Family man. With his mother now dead and his father in charge of raising his son, Mort Goldman leads Neil with fear, which is another reason why people use him as a scapegoat, since he acts like one.

6 Bonnie Swanson

Guy Bonney Family (1)

Joe’s wife and mother of Kevin and Susie, Bonnie is introduced as a pregnant character and remains pregnant until Season 7, when Susie finally gives birth. While Bonnie and Joe’s relationship initially appears perfect, their marriage becomes the butt of many jokes, with several characters pointing out Bonnie’s promiscuity and willingness to cheat on her disabled husband, referring to her as miserable. Bonnie’s behavior has gotten progressively worse over the years, as her abuse towards Joe has added to the other characters’ mistreatment.

5 Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin
Disney-ABC Domestic Television

While Brian was so beloved by the characters that Seth Macfarlane was forced to bring him back after he was killed, inside the show he was completely despised. Brian has a reputation for being arrogant and arrogant, spending his time drinking and trying to have sex with beautiful women – unsuccessfully. He also pretends to be a talented writer when his novel is literally being used as wrapping paper. Quagmire’s own hatred of Brian seems to have spread to the other characters a bit as Stewie seems to be the only one who truly cares about him.

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4 Cleveland Brown

Family Guy gets YouTube Star Arif Zahir as the new voice of the Cleveland Browns
Comedy Central

Cleveland Brown was the owner of a deli and was married with a son. As the series progresses, his life changes dramatically with the dissolution of his marriage. In the end, Cleveland got its own dividend cleveland show, which ran for four seasons, but was met with mixed and negative reviews, to the point where MacFarlane admitted the failure of the show. Cleveland had been absent from the show for a while, but upon his return, his failure to produce a successful show alienated him from the rest of the gang.

3 Ernie the giant chicken


This may seem like an out of the ordinary addition, but Ernie the Giant Chicken is a character known for literally having his long meat with Peter. Even after presenting Peter with an expired coupon, Peter and Ernie are always butting heads and every time they spot each other they have to fight. Despite the couple’s attempt to make up, they always end up reverting to their enemy’s ways. While we don’t see any interaction between Ernie and any other characters aside from Peter, Ernie is pretty battered, so he belongs on this list.

2 Loretta Brown

Fox Animation

Loretta Brown was Cleveland’s wife for the first four seasons of the show until Cleveland cheated on him with Quagmire, which led to the breakdown of their marriage. Prior to this point, Loretta had often been forgotten and never seen as anything more than Cleveland’s wife. The fact that she’s coming back and asking Cleveland to take her back only makes her hate her even more. Given that Cleveland remarried, he’s clearly moved on from her and so have the rest of the characters, especially Peter considering he can’t even remember her name.

1 Mort Goldman

Guy Mort's family

Mort Goldman is the owner of Goldman’s Pharmacy and occasionally participates in Peter’s wild shenanigans. Although he is not friends with any of the regulars, it is an acquaintance that is often exploited. Mort lives his life in fear, which makes him an easy scapegoat and target for bullying and harassment from the characters throughout the show. While Mort has a successful business, his awkward looks and nervous demeanor make him the perfect victim.


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