Heroic, funny, magical, greedy, sinister. These few traits can be used to describe a large number of people Disney Characters. But what about a coward? Standing alongside some of Disney’s greatest heroes and villains is a fearless yet loyal supporting character.

Sometimes, it’s the hero and villain themselves who turn out to be cowards. Despite their cowardly nature, these ten characters have become iconic in Disney lore.

10 Prince John – Robin Hood (1973)


1973 Robin Hood It is an animated adaptation of the famous Disney Robin Hood story. In classic Disney fashion, all characters are played by anthropomorphic animals. Unlike most villains in the House of Mouse, Robin HoodThe nemesis of Prince John, he is neither cunning nor strong both physically and magically. Instead, he is spoiled and downright cowardly. Throughout the film, Prince John runs away from, not at, work, always screaming and wailing for his mother. He also sucks his thumb childishly whenever he feels anxious or afraid. Of all the villains in Disney lore, Prince John may actually be the weakest.

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9 Fear – Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out Fear
Walt Disney Studios

inside out It is one of the coolest Disney/Pixar movies. He visualizes the inner workings of our minds, which are run by a multicolored array of emotions. One such emotion is fear, which Bill Hader expressed to perfection. Fear is exactly like his voice. He thinks of every terrifying possibility (even the most ridiculous), shakes at every scary thought, and jumps at any unexpected sound. In short, fear is a coward. But this is also its purpose and function. He aims to protect his human (in this case, Riley) and keep them safe from the dangerous and unknown. You can expect Fear and all the other emotive characters to make their big returns in the game inside out A sequel, which is said to be in the works.

8 The Mayor – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton The nightmare before christmas is one of Disney’s most iconic films, as well as cinema. He imagines a universe where every holiday lives in its own unique world. Halloween, of course, is full of creepy and creepy monsters and characters. There’s Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, vampires, a werewolf, and a face-shredding clown. And then, there’s the Mayor of Halloween Town. Of all the characters in Halloween Town, the Mayor is by far the least scary. In fact, he is more likely to feel fear himself than to instill it in others.

The mayor has two faces, each face reflecting a different personality. One is happy-go-lucky and cheerful. The other rotates to reveal itself whenever the Mayor feels frightened or anxious. Even though he’s the mayor, it’s really Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who runs the show. And when the Mayor realizes that Jack has gone missing, and that he now has to run Halloween Town on his own, the worried Mayor’s face becomes his constant face. Until, of course, Jack returns to comfort him. At the end of the day, the mayor is a coward who lives happily in Jack’s long shadow.

7 Alfredo Linguini – Ratatouille (2007)

Pixar ratatouille
Pixar Animation Studios

ratatouille is a great Disney/Pixar movie that is often overlooked. One of its main characters, incredibly named Alfredo Linguini, is a kind-hearted and well-intentioned soul. But he is also clumsy, somewhat incompetent, and a bit cowardly. We don’t blame him for being scared when he encountered Remy the Rat; Most people will have this reaction. But for most of the movie, Linguini bills himself as a great chef, hiding the truth about himself and Remy’s culinary talents under his hat. And when he’s not piecing together the ingredients for Remy, Linguini worries about falling into the trap of fraud. He’s not the wimpiest character on this list. But it’s not a great look when you’re hiding your silliness behind a rat.

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6 Pain and Panic – Hercules (1997)

Pain and panic in Hercules
Buena Vista Pictures

Every great villain needs his followers. Pain and Panic are henchmen of the appropriately named Hades, Disney’s god of the underworld and villain Hercules. These two are crying cowards. They constantly grumble at Hades’ feet, as they make their way through the film. They even carry out Hades’ orders and try to kill the (somewhat) initially defenseless baby Hercules. With names like Pain and Panic, how can you expect anything but cheese from these two characters?

5 Zazu – The Lion King (1994)

Pictures of Walt Disney

the king lion is a classic animated film that is considered one of the best Disney Renaissance films. There are many heroic characters in this film: Mufasa, Simba, Nala, Pumbaa. Even Timon, a coward, risks his life many times for his friends. Zazu, however, is another story. He may be Mufasa’s loyal advisor, but let’s face it: The bird is a coward. In his first scene after the film’s iconic opening, we see Zazu frantically flying away from Scar, screaming for help before being swallowed whole by the lion. Then during the stampede scene, Zazu spends his time panicking and flying uselessly. Only at the last moment, before Scar knocks him out, does the Cowardly Bird consider bringing Mufasa and Simba help. If only his paranoid brain had thought of this solution sooner. Then we might all have experienced a great deal of heartache.

4 Roger Rabbit – Who formed the Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Who set Roger Rabbit? It is a classic Disney movie that combines live-action and animation. Roger Rabbit is one of the heroes of the movie, though he certainly wouldn’t be called a hero. He’s a nervous, goofy, and cowardly cartoon character. He’s constantly screaming and squeezing his human companion Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) in fear, holding him for dear life. For a comic character, Roger always seems to be on edge. However, despite his cowardly nature, he somehow managed to marry Jessica Rabbit.

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3 Cogsworth – Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Beauty-and-the-Beast Disney Duo
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Only three animated films have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards: top, toy story 3, And beauty and the beast. Despite claims of Stockholm Syndrome, this 1991 adaptation may just be Disney’s greatest animated film. Apart from its titular heroes, beauty and the beast It features many famous characters: Gaston, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Levou, Chip. And we must not forget the aptly named Cogsworth, the English watch that walks and talks. Cogsworth is terrified of his master, the Beast, and with good reason. Did you see this man’s nerves? Because of this, Cogsworth is the Beast’s most loyal and obedient servant, making him somewhat of a Debbie Downer. He is a stickler for rules and is constantly opposed to Lumière’s fun and spontaneous ideas. Although Cogsworth is a coward, he has an epic moment during the battle at Beast’s Castle. He is shown wearing a general’s hat and wielding a pair of scissors, which he plunges into the enemy’s rear.

2 The White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The White Rabbit pocket watch plays an important role in Descendants: The Rise of Red
RKO Radio Pictures/Disney Channel

Disney 1951 Alice in Wonderland It is arguably the best adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s book. And of course, the iconic white rabbit appears, luring Alice far from reality, down the rabbit hole, into Wonderland. The first time we met the White Rabbit, he was in a fit of panic. He frantically rushes past Alice, ranting about how he’s “late for a very important appointment”. As it turns out, this important date includes the beheading-obsessed Queen of Hearts, so we can’t blame him for the freakout. However, the White Rabbit is a cowardly figure who bends to the Queen’s will and trembles in her presence. You certainly won’t find him leading any rebellions against the monarchy.

Alice’s white rabbit has become a fantasy symbol, a metaphor for the haunting of our desires and fantasies. There are many references to the White Rabbit throughout popular culture, eg matrix and the TV show Lost.

1 Captain Hook – Peter Pan (1953)

Captain Hook in a scene from Peter Pan
RKO Radio Pictures

Captain Hook Who Peter Pan He is one of the most iconic villains of all time – not just in Disney but in the media. His obsession and obsession with killing the boy who will never grow up are as immortal as Peter Pan himself. But this is also what makes this villain such a coward. Captain Hook’s only goal in life is to kill a child, and he likely killed many lost children and boys in order to get to Peter. Then there is his extreme fear of the crocodile, who ate his missing hand. We don’t blame Captain Hook for being afraid. We would be if we had a huge crocodile chasing after us, hoping to devour the rest of our bodies. Even still, this guy is a Disney villain. He can display more menace and poise than screaming and trembling in his pantyhose every time he hears a ticking clock.


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