despicable me It is, practically speaking, one of the hottest animated franchises of recent times, with millions of fans of all ages all over the world. Produced by Illumination and distributed by Universal Pictures, the franchise launched in 2010, with the comedy of the same name directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin making their directorial debuts. Featuring Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove, Kristen Wiig, Russell Brand, and Julie Andrews, among others, despicable me It follows Gru, a villain who aims to be the greatest of all time, so, to achieve that, he sets out on a challenging mission: stealing the moon. In order to do so, he relies on the help of his lovable but clumsy army of henchmen and evil sidekick Dr. Nefario. With the sole purpose of carrying out his evil plan, Gru adopts three orphan girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes who soon steal his heart and force him to rethink which path to take.

despicable me It garnered rave reviews and was a box office hit, launching the popular animated franchise that currently spans threedespicable me Movies and 2 prequels focusing on the Minions. the third despicable me The sequel is in production, although it has been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of the franchise’s films, several truly likable and wonderful characters have been introduced. Here is a ranking of the top 10.

10 Lucy Wilde

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Kristen Wiig plays Lucy WildeFeatured Secret Agent Despicable Me 2. This character, who is initially introduced as a very serious woman, soon reveals her goofy and playful side. Lucy is assigned to work with Gru on a secret mission, and though they don’t have much in common, they eventually end up falling in love, and she becomes the mother Margo, Edith, and Agnes have always wanted.

Lucy is hilarious and a bit clumsy, but very good at her job, fearlessly taking on the toughest villains and looking amazing as she defeats them. And though she struggles to get along with the Gru girls at first, she ends up having a beautiful relationship with them as they become such an amazing family.

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9 Otto

Otto from Despicable Me
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Otto She is one of the newest additions to the franchise, appearing in the 2022 movie Minions: The Rise of a Gru He is expected to appear again despicable me 4. He’s part of a small army of Gru’s henchmen, and stands out for being a little bigger and fatter than the rest, as well as for his crossbows. This clumsy and talkative minion gets easily distracted, impeding the plans of his evil boss.

In fact, he is the one who loses the precious zodiac stone stolen by a puppy by exchanging it for a pet rock. However, despite his tendency to get into trouble through absent-mindedness, Otto goes to great lengths to fix his mistakes, which eventually allows him to retrieve the Zodiac Stone and save the day, earning him Gru’s respect and admiration.

8 Kevin

Kevin from Despicable Me
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Kevin He is one of the most popular minions in the entire series, having first appeared in Despicable Me 2. He stands out from the others because he is a bit taller, and is often seen with some of his friends, whom he often teases. However, he is also a follower who tends to get into trouble a lot. In fact, he was kidnapped by Dr. Nefario and turned into a mutant purple agent in the Despicable Me 2. However, Kevin is a born leader who constantly tries to meet the requirements of his Gru master and ensure the welfare of the entire minion army.

7 Margo

Margot from Despicable Me
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Margo She is the eldest of Gru’s adopted daughters, and moves into her father’s new home after a very difficult life. Because of this, and the fact that she is now a teenager, Margo is not as confident as her sisters, and it is difficult for her to bond with Gru, and later with Lucy. Moreover, she doesn’t even trust minions, no matter how cute these little creatures are.

Despite her mistrust of her new father, Margo remains optimistic that their relationship will improve with time and tries to be a big sister and protective of Agnes and Edith. Aside from the great responsibility of taking care of her sisters, Margo hides a vulnerable little girl with many insecurities that she will gradually overcome with the help of her new family.

6 Stewart

Stewart from Despicable Me
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like kevin, Stewart He is one of the most iconic minions in the series, having appeared in absolutely all of the movies and starring in a few shorts as well. This lovable character is always paired up with his best friend Dave, with whom he is constantly on the most difficult adventures. This short, one-eyed agent is distinguished by his innocence and his rambunctious, rebellious attitude. Compared to the rest of the minions, he is quite lazy, always prioritizing the things he likes to do, such as playing video games or the ukulele, rather than working toward a common goal or carrying out any of the Gru’s evil plans.

5 Dave

Dave from Despicable Me
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Dave He is Stewart’s sidekick, funny like his friend but clumsy. This agent cares a lot about his friends, and is very skilled in various disciplines, from video games to martial arts. He loves to eat, and most of all, to shoot missiles at the rocket launcher, which is quite a large weapon for his small size. In addition, he is very dreamy and romantic: as soon as he meets Lucy Wilde, he completely falls in love with her, even though she was threatening his life. Dave spends his days imagining romantic and playful situations in which he is the main character, which only end when his master makes him a puppy or one of the other minions to come to his senses.

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4 Edith

Edith from Despicable Me
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Edith He is the middle child of Gru, and the sister of Margo and Agnes. Although this young girl isn’t given as much screen time as her sisters, her personality shines through in every scene she stars in: unlike the other girls, Edith is charmingly dangerous and destructive. Underneath the image of a dreamy, pink-loving kid, he hides a little girl who has an obvious interest in experiments, weapons, and everything else found in Gru’s lab.

Edith is not afraid of anything, she is the first in any danger and the most similar to her father. However, her penchant for danger doesn’t stop her from pursuing some less extreme disciplines: Edith loves ballet, and she’s very good at it!

3 Young puppy

Gru from Despicable Me
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Puppy Not a character that stands out for its charisma: he’s an evil villain who’s perfectly fine at betraying anyone who needs him in order to carry out his horrific plans. However, my little puppy is absolutely adorable too. in Minions: The Rise of a Gru, audiences witness Gru’s childhood and how he grew into the great villain he is today. Despite his cute appearance, this character has always had villainy in his blood, and from a young age, his main source of entertainment was playing pranks and annoying others.

In the film, he is seen cheating in arcades to get more tickets, threatening an ice cream shop attendant for free ice cream and throwing a stink bomb in a movie theater so he can watch Jaws alone with his henchmen. Sure, a naughty puppy, but a very lovable one.

2 Agnes

Agnes from Despicable Me
Universal Pictures

Agnes She is the younger sister of Margo and Edith, and definitely one of the most adorable characters in all of Illumination’s productions. This little girl personifies millions of little girls all over the world: she loves all things pink, glitter, and most of all, unicorns and anything fluffy. Agnes is very sweet and innocent, and from the moment she meets Gru, she becomes completely obsessed with the idea of ​​a happy family.

She is the only sister who does not suspect the true intentions of the villain, and at the same time, the one responsible for making him change his selfish attitudes and become the best father the girls could ask for. Agnes is not only in love with Gru and her sisters: she is the first person to truly adore and accept Lucy as part of the family.

1 Bob

Bob from Despicable Me
Universal Pictures

There is not a single character in despicable me A franchise that is as adorable as few Bob. This client was first introduced in Despicable Me 2, stands out from the rest because it looks smaller and more mature, and also because it has one green eye and one brown eye. Bob has a sweet personality, and enjoys what all little ones enjoy: hanging out with a teddy bear, bedtime stories, and mischief.

He seems to be the younger brother of the Minions, and even though he’s grown up over the course of the movies, he’s never lost his loving, immature attitude. in Minions: The Rise of a Gruit is quite clear that the villain shows strong affection for this client, whom he takes care of and indulges in absolutely everything.


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