Throughout its films’ plot lines and character developments, Disney has always been a promoter of voices that aren’t heard. racist, one of the company’s latest animated films, welcomes viewers to Element City, a melting pot of individuals belonging to different natural aspects (earth, water, air, and fire). Its plot was particularly inspired by the experience of immigration, and also analyzed as an explanation of living with a disability.

You may have enjoyed the movie because of its interconnected characters, its multiple internal messages, its inherently internal identity – or all of those things. Some of the films out there, like Disney and others, incorporate these multifaceted aspects that made Pixar’s latest hit so home. Check out 10 animated movies to watch if you love them racist.

10 Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures

in Raya and the last dragonWarrior Rhea vows to save what she loves most. Her home, Kumandra, has a long story of coexistence between humans and dragons that ended with the arrival of the evil Druun, severing their relationship. Rhea sets out to find the only dragon that seems left in the world – the bubbly Sisso (voiced by Awkwafina). The story is beautiful, bold, and a testament to honoring history.

9 Strange World (2022)

Clyde's family is in a strange world.
Walt Disney Studios

As another latest Disney movie, strange world He deserves more appreciation and praise. Its well-rounded overall representation includes characters of color and an openly gay protagonist, focusing on the experiences of these communities, as Disney has done more frequently over the past few decades. strange world It follows the Clades, a family of explorers, into a strange and amazing landscape that requires them to cooperate honestly with each other in order to survive and get home.

8 The Land Before Time (1988)

The animatronic dinosaurs in The Land Before Time overlook a valley.
Universal Pictures

Earth before time It may seem a little more retro to today’s younger audience, but let’s emphasize this animation never It has an expiration date, even if it was actually set in the pre-excavation era. This movie – a product of Don Bluth, Universal Pictures and Lucasfilm – is the first adventure for Littlefoot and his unique companions. Their initial story pits the little creatures against the many adversaries and obstacles they face together: an earthquake, the elements, and hostile dinosaurs.

7 Turning Red (2022)

Ming and Mei turn red.
Walt Disney Studios

Disney and Pixar turns red It is, of course, about growing up, but it also expands on parental and cultural expectations, acceptance of our identities, and recognition of the feelings that make us human. The women of the Lee family share the multigenerational experience of catching a red panda, which serves as a metaphor for many other experiences viewers may identify with.

6 Inside Out (2015)

Inside out fear, joy and disgust
Walt Disney Studios

inside out is a universally relatable Disney movie – everyone has emotions, and everyone can feel in complete control of them at certain times. The control panel co-pilots of preteen Riley’s brain seem identifiable in each of our lives, embodying feelings we want to live in forever or years away from. The animation is bright and happy, despite the roller coaster of the plot line that takes viewers through almost every emotion themselves.

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5 Fantasia (1940)

Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.
Walt Disney Productions

The original version of fantasyReleased by Disney in 1940, it is a classic piece of animation that adequately captured the art form’s excellence from its earlier years. Combining immersive musical instrumentation with vivid storytelling through art and color imagery, the film transitions through several brief scenes such as “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria,” “Rite of Spring,” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

4 Soul (2020)

Souls gather together in the soul.
Walt Disney Studios

spirit It’s a beautiful, hope-inspiring movie that considers the great unknowns behind human life with positive curiosity. The middle-aged protagonist, Joe, is surprised by his transience when he reaches what seems like the prime of his life. In its purest and most essential form, it helps guide Lost Soul 22 to its divine purpose and also solve its mystery. The views the two share help build each other up for the better, and even end up saving them.

3 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Jump and Ash in Fantastic Mr.  Fox.
Twentieth century fox

Wonderful Mr. Fox It combines two of the movie’s best ingredients – Wes Anderson’s direction and clay medium. With a great comedic pacing, once-in-a-lifetime cast, and an earnest earthy visual world, there are many surface-level reasons why the movie is great. In addition, it also comments on family dynamics, environmental issues, and the everlasting determination to survive.

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2 Princess Mononoke (1997)

San and Moro stand together in Princess Mononoke.
Toho Corporation

Prince Mononoke is an integral part of the Studio Ghibli family of films, and a very powerful anime movie that begins with a curse and continues with a hard look at progress that encroaches upon the present. Its story speaks of the power of nature and the necessity of freedom, personified by its two most memorable characters: San the warrior and Moro, the wolf god.

1 Encanto (2021)

The Encanto animation crew poses in front of their house.
Walt Disney Studios

It will likely be Disney’s biggest animated film of the past two years encanto, given the success of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” alone. The movie itself is notoriously colorful, lively, and bright, just as each highly individual character within the madrigal family. The combination of magical realism and the reality of living with larger-than-life family members makes the movie feel fresh and relatable.


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