Determine who will play Lois Lane in the future Superman: Legacy The news seems to be more exciting than finding out who Superman is. James Gunn has announced that production of the new Man of Steel will begin in January 2024. He has released no word on who will play Clark Kent’s love interest, not even who will be considered for such a titular role. Since Gunn has become the new leader of the DCU, fans have been hoping for a new, fresh batch of actors to play their beloved characters.

The first chapter in this universe will be “Gods and Monsters,” and fans are already starting to make their own choices for Lois Lane. With major characters like Amanda Waller, Batman, and Superman already cast, it looks like fans are already planning the movie before Gunn even puts pen to paper. The candidates Clark Kent and Lois Lane are the most talked about roles to fill. After losing Henry Cavill as Superman, the actresses who play Lois Lane are just as important. Here are 10 actors who should play the Daily Planet’s best journalist.

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10 Saoirse Ronan

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Saoirse Ronan She has proven herself to be quite a talent through the various roles she has taken on. She has even earned critical acclaim and awards for her performance in films like Lady Bird And little Women. Ronan will be able to shape Lois Lane into a great character with her wit and charm. You’ll also be able to add some substance to the role, so you won’t be just another Superman love interest but something more.

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9 Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis in HBO's Station Eleven

Mackenzie Davis She is a rising star in Hollywood today and seems to be flying under most directors’ radar, but has proven to be a promising talent. She starred in black mirrorAnd The MartianAnd Stop and catch fire Along with a host of other critically acclaimed projects. Davis will need to dye her hair to fully commit to the role, but she’ll be an impeccable reporter for the Daily Planet and bring some class to Metropolis.

8 Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones (1)
Working Title Movies

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story It was a breakout role for Felicity Joneswhich has proven to be a hot commodity in Hollywood. Since her role in star Warsaudiences can’t get enough of, making it the perfect addition to Metropolis. Jones will also bring some serious attention to the series not to mention that she looks like Lois Lane from the comics. Given her popularity and looks, she may be a top pick and delivers a performance we’ve never received from any other Lois Lane.

7 Christine Milioti

Kristen Milioti stars as Tracy McConnell's mother in How I Met Your Mother
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Famous for her role in how i met your motherAnd Christine Milioti She is a comedian, but has also starred in popular dramas such as Fargo, Made for LoveAnd black mirror. Her resume proves the extent of her work as an actress and shows how she can bring humor to the role of Lois Lane while also being able to let loose the more serious and nosy reporter. Milioti already looks like the part of the Daily Planet’s chief correspondent, which makes it easy for her to snag the part.

6 Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev She played the dark-haired and strong-willed Elena on the CWs The Vampire Diaries. Lois Lane is a character who doesn’t shy away from the story and never backs down from a fight. Dobrev could bring something to the character because she’s done so much in her previous roles. She’s slightly older than Lois in the comics, but fans will enjoy watching Dobrev on screen more than other adaptations of the pragmatic reporter.

5 Rachel Brosnahan


Prime Video Star The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan, is the best rival to play Lois Lane in Gunn’s latest adaptation. She has stated herself that she would love to play Louis, and that role would be a big one in her career. Brosnahan is known as the hilarious stand-up comedian Mrs. Maisel, And the show ends with its final season. According to Game Rant, playing the iconic character would be a dream come true and would take her career to a whole other level.

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4 Emma Mackey

Emma Mackie as Maeve Wiley in Sex Education.

Emma Mackey He appears to be the main name in the running to play Lois Lane. After all, Gunn is hoping to kick off a new era in the DCU with a reboot Superman films. McKee starred in the Netflix Original Series sex education Like Maeve Wiley, and even has a role in the new Barbie Movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. With her at the forefront of the race for Superman’s love, Mackie might be able to carve her way into fans’ hearts.

3 Samara Textile

Samara weaves ready or not.
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Australian actress Samara Textile He’s making waves in Hollywood. She recently appeared in Sixth scream And Babylon, where she shows off her versatile acting skills. Weaving also has a strong screen presence which makes her a good choice to replace Amy Adams in the upcoming reboot. Not only does she have some great talent, but her experience in the industry proves that she could be a promising talent for the role.

2 Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne in Bridgerton

The audience knew quickly Phoebe DynevorNamed after she starred in the popular Netflix show Bridgerton. It was recently reported that the British actress was on her way to playing Lois Lane. With her breakout role, Dynevor has proven her acting chops and has become a rising star in the industry. She can add a different dimension to Lois Lane that’s new, exciting, and never before seen in a Superman story. As seen in BridgertonDynevor has proven to play complex, multi-dimensional characters.

1 Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes is a lake wolf
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Camila Mendes She broke out as a star after appearing as Veronica Lodge on the CWs Riverdale. Fans gush about her playing the iconic role of Lois Lane who at first thought he was a little crazy. However, DC fans would argue that her Veronica character isn’t far behind Lois. The gritty reporter is a sweet but no-nonsense character who basically describes most of the roles she’s taken on. Screen Rant describes Mendes’ filmography as younger than Amy Adams’, but a role in a blockbuster that could really showcase her talents makes her a strong candidate.


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